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Rolling Greens Golf Course - The Course


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No. 8

Number 8 is a dogleg left par four measuring  379/369/359 yards.  There is a new tee box on this hole which will increase the yardage even more for tournaments.  It's a pretty hole cut on the out skirts of a coulee.  The best drive is a straight drive although the better player will attempt to shape the shot with a slight draw.  Typically, getting fancy here will cause nothing but heartache if not carried out to perfection.  Just put the ball in the center of the fairway about 250 yards out.  You'll still have an easy 9 iron into the green.

When approaching this green be aware the break is left to right as seen from the incoming fairway, but, as is the case with most hard breaking greens, do not be above the hole.  The first putt can be struck much more aggressively going uphill rather than down.  Be especially cautious on your short putts!

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