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Rolling Greens Golf Course - The Course


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No. 6

Number 6 is the second par five at Rolling Greens measuring 519/503/402 yards.  If you are a long hitter, the greatest danger off the tee is hitting the orb too straight.  Notice the pines in the top photo.  The best shot is a very long straight ball with a slight fade on the end; if you can accomplish that, you might be able to get home in two.  For you shorter hitters, just whale away as there is not much danger other than immediately right off the tee where there is a grove of trees.

Your approach to the green will be anywhere from 210 to 315 yards depending on how long your tee shot was.  The green slants towards you so it will hold a well struck shot.  That same slant will work against you once you get on the putting surface.  If you end up above the hole,  have your pencil ready -  a three putt is in your future!

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